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Getting Your Garden Pet Ready,  Forever Green Lawns

Getting Your Garden Pet Ready for Summer

Summer is a great time for dogs, and there are several steps you can take to ensure your dog doesn’t become ill or hurt during the warmest months of the year. The most important tips include making sure your garden is ready for summer and eliminating threats such as snails and slugs. Let’s delve into some of the most important summer pet safety tips.

Look for evidence of sunburn

Sunburn can harm pets just as much as it can harm humans. It can give dogs skin cancer with white-furred, light-coloured, hairless and short-haired dogs being at particular risk of becoming sunburnt. If you discover a red or raw area, apply a natural treatment like aloe vera to it. If symptoms persist consult your vet. Always make sure your dog has breaks from the sun and gets enough shade. Snails and slugs can give your dog lungworm. Lungworm can be fatal, so it’s wise to remove snails and slugs from your garden as soon as you see them. You may even wish to invest in installing artificial grass to combat the threat. Fake grass will drastically reduce the number of slugs and snails in your garden and reduce the risk. There are plenty of synthetic grass companies like Forever Green Lawns who sell and install artificial grass for dogs and pets.

Which plants are the most toxic?

Some plants pose a bigger threat than others. It’s wise to find out which plants are deemed toxic and remove them if necessary. If you don’t want to get rid of toxic plants, why not make it impossible for your dog to access them? Some plants are more dangerous than you might think. For instance, the seeds in apples can be particularly hazardous.

Keeping your dog happy and hydrated

It’s vital that you don’t underestimate the importance of water. Dogs require hydration just like humans do, and they can become dehydrated quickly when out playing in the sun. Always ensure they have access to water and keep their bowl topped up. Take enough water with you when you go out too. Grooming is important too. Long hair can cause accidents and lead to extreme discomfort in the summer, so give them a trim if they require one. Brushing also helps your dog to remain comfortable. Engrave your contact details on a dog tag so you can be reunited if your dog goes Some other good investments include pet kits featuring treats, toys, food and bowls for when you’re out and bout. A chilled gel pack placed under the collar will keep your dog comfortable, as will a special jacket designed to keep your dog’s temperature down. Special boots can protect your dog from hazards like broken glass and hot sand. If you are out and about in an area your dog is not familiar with, don’t let them off the leash unless you are fully confident they won’t go missing.

If you like to take your dog for days out at the weekend, make sure they also get some exercise during the week. Sudden bursts of activity can cause an array of pains and strains. Planning for the summer helps to ensure your dog has a fantastic time during the warmest months of the year.

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